Photo: © Barbara Rick, 2001
Write me of hope and love, and hearts that endured.
—Emily Dickinson

These personal photos have been sitting in a shoebox since 2001.

They were taken by me on flimsy disposable cameras purchased in a panic at the D’Agostino’s on University Place in Greenwich Village, NY as the twin towers burned and collapsed.

This is some of what I experienced in my own neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and Union Square at the moment of the disaster and the days following.

The images also reflect what I personally witnessed as a freelance journalist working for ABC News down at Ground Zero for two weeks after the attacks.

Hauntingly beautiful music here by Joseph Budenholzer and Backworld.
The song is called ‘Of Silver Sleep.’

Photos by Barbara Rick, (c) 2001. All rights reserved.

BRs 9/11 Images


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  • Teri says:

    Wow, Barbara. This photo hardly looks like you. I’ve seen that happen to people in grief before. They temporarily change physically.

    I can’t imagine what you saw that day. Things impossible to communicate. Thanks for opening the shoebox and sharing.

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